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What is Your Adventure Life? 

An adventure is often defined as an unusual, exciting experience, journey, or series of events. Something that is typically a bold, and sometimes risky, undertaking. 


We think that an adventure is more personal than that, something that is individual and set deep inside the mind of the adventurer. We think an adventure is something that is new, exciting, challenging; something that gives a real sense of achievement. Every adventure is different for every adventurer. 

Value the important over the urgent 
Remember 'Someday' is not a date on the calendar
Focus on what matters most 
Life is about living 
Never regret what you wish you had done 
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We think an adventure should be pursued with determination, excitement, curiosity and a sense of humour.


Our aim is to help our clients focus on what matters most, fulfilling the adventures they seek; whether that adventure is riding on a wild track way up in the Pyrenees, exploring some of the world’s best alpine passes or fulfilling a bucket list adventure by cruising down Route 66 listening to Sweet Home Alabama on the stereo. 


Our aim is to give you the adventure you seek, this is

Your Adventure Life.

We will take the hassle out of planning your adventure by arranging everything for you. Every route has been carefully planned, every i has been dotted and every t has been crossed. Once your adventure starts with us, we will look after your every need. 


We are bike riders and we are adventurers, and our company is founded on values we have found lacking elsewhere. 


  • Honesty – What you see is what you get. 

  • Integrity – We will treat you with respect and in a way in which we would like to be treated ourselves. 

  • Accountability – We are totally accountable for what we provide and will do our utmost to give you the adventure you were looking for. 

  • Commitment – We put maximum effort into your adventure every step of the way. 

  • Passion – We love riding bikes and we love adventure. Sharing our passion is what makes it all worthwhile. 

  • Fun – We love what we do, why else would we do it? 

  • Sense of Humour – It wouldn’t be an adventure without one. 


The post COVID revival

The last 2 yours have been challenging for us all, particularly when it comes to getting out on our Adventures.

At Your Adventure Life, try as we might, the pandemic beat every effort that we made to escape between lockdowns and closed borders. To an extant (hopefully) most of that is now behind us allowing us to re-start with caution. This year, 2022, we plan to run 3 main Adventures, Route Napoleon (Road), El Toro (Trail) and El Matador (Trail) although more will be added if we have demand and can fit them in.

Come and join us as our world opens up!

The Team

Over 140 years of combined riding experience and we're just getting into it.

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