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Route Napoleon

Saturday 13th August to Monday 22nd August 2022

9 Days
2100 Miles

Route Napoleon Adventure offers much more than the title suggests on  this 9-day guided tour covering over 2100 miles.

Our experienced tour guides, who have traveled extensively in Europe, will take you on the best roads each country has to offer; where not only will you experience the spectacular scenery and winding roads, but the local culture and cuisine. The route takes you through France, Italy into the Italian Lakes, Switzerland & Austria to ride the Alpine passes, Germany on the infamous B500 before heading back through Luxembourg to the tunnel.


At the end of each day you will have time to relax in the high-quality hotels, reminiscing on the days ride over a drink and maybe have time to explore the local town.

Route Napoloeon.jpg

Day 1

Folkstone to Chaumont - 289 Miles

Folkestone is where we will greet you before we board the train at the Channel Tunnel. Leaving Calais, we will head south, riding through the beautiful Picardie and Champagne regions of France and through the Caps & Opal and Mountains of Reims National Parks. Our first overnight stop is right in the heart of the Medieval Champagne town of Chaumont

Day 2

Chaumont to Albertville  - 270 Miles

Today we continue our journey south, riding the gentle and undulating roads through Burgundy and into the more dramatic scenery of Rhone-Alps region of France.


Towards the end of the day, we ride into the French Alps and hotel and overnight stop, the Town of Albertville.


Made famous for hosting the 1992 Winter Olympic Games, Albertville is the perfect resting place for us as it is just a stone’s throw from the start of the Route Napoleon

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Route Napoleon0.jpg

Day 3

Albertville to Menton - 279 Miles

Today we cross off the first of our ‘bucket list’ rides on this adventure as we ride the length of the Route Napoleon.

Route Napoleon is a 200 mile stretch of modern road winding through the spectacular mountains of Provence. The road follows the route taken by Napoleon in his 1815 escape from Elba to Grenoble. The Napoleon Road crosses scenic mountains and passes through many picturesque towns and villages. It leads from the Southern Alps all the way down to the French Riviera and is marked along the way by statues of the French Imperial Eagle.

When we reach the coast, we head east along the French Riviera to our hotel in Menton, where we will stop for the night

Day 4

Menton to Borghi - 206 Miles

Leaving our hotel in Menton, we start the day with a short ride across the border into Italy.  As we hug the coastline for the next 100 miles you will experience the beauty of the Ligurian Sea on your right and the southern Alps to your left. As we pass the many ports where luxury yachts are moored, it really does depict the lifestyle of this buoyant and affluent area. The Italian lakes is our destination for the day and with a shorter day’s ride it may give you time to explore the lakes on your own before relaxing for the evening

Hotel Weisseespitze.webp

Day 5

Borghi to Platz - 175 Miles

The Italian lakes provide a great area to explore, combining sweeping roads by the shoreline with the mountainous alpine passes.


We leave the hotel and follow the shore of the largest of the lakes, Lake Como, as we ride North and head into the high Alps.


You are guaranteed to enjoy the alpine passes today, they are a perfect warm up for our next two days.


With our final destination for the next two nights in the heart of the Tyrol mountains, reaching Platz is the perfect end to an amazing day’s riding.

Day 6

Platz to Platz (Stelvio Adventure) - 160 Miles

Today is where you get to cross off another ‘bucket list’ adventure and ride the world famous Stelvio Pass.  An early start is best, as we get to experience Stelvio before it gets busier later in the day.


After a stop for coffee at the summit, we ride the equally stunning descent into Bormio and though the beautiful Alpine town of Livigno, as we head back to Platz for more coffee and cake. We ride through three countries today Austria, Italy and Switzerland

Day 10.jpg
Day 13-2.jpg

Day 7

Platz to Triberg - 214 Miles

Famous as one of the greatest biking roads in Europe, the B500 is up there as one of the best. Located in the Black Forest region of Germany, this road is a world apart from the Alpine passes of the previous few days.

This is where you can relax and take enjoyment in the long sweeping bends through this stunning forest.

Our overnight stay is Triberg in the heart of the Black Forest, world renowned for its cuckoo clocks, but more importantly, its Kirsch laced Black forest Gateaux

Day 8

Triberg to Clervaux - 252 Miles

Today is a cracking day’s ride, following the final part of the B500 to Baden-Baden, through the Vosges Mountains, we then cross the border into Luxemburg. 


Although, this is a more relaxing day on the roads, it is a ride never to be forgotten as  we rise through the quiet, untrodden, but perfect roads of Luxemburg, we head for our hotel in this amazing, rarely visited country.

Day 1 - Ypres.jpg

Day 9

Clervaux to Calais - 252 Miles

After breakfast, we head to Calais for the train home, but the adventure continues as we take in the scenic route through the Ardennes and Avesnois National Parks. Once through the Tunnel, we say our goodbyes and think about the amazing memories we have made during the past nine days. This is Your Adventure Life!

Adventure Category
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On road adventure suitable for solo riders and riders carrying a pillion.

What's included
  • 9-day guided adventure, riding your own motorcycle

  • 8 nights high quality accommodation with a room of your own

  • All meals and drink, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • All fuel for your motorcycle

  • Eurotunnel costs

  • All tolls

  • Routes and guidance

A Typical Day
  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Lunch/coffee stops during the day

  • Target time to hotel 17:30 (dependent on conditions, stops, etc)

  • Welcome drinks on arrival

  • Dinner from 20:00

Join us on this adventure

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