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Our COVID-19 Policy

As a responsible company, the health and safety of our guests, partners and staff is of paramount importance to us. You will appreciate that the current situation changes often and rapidly, differing not only by region but also country by country making our planning complex and subject to change.


We always endeavour to maintain the highest standards of safety and will incorporate the latest advice from the UK and any countries in which we operate.

Hand sanitiser will be made available to all guests when away from our formal locations such as hotels etc. The wearing of additional PPE will be advised based on location and local regulations before each Adventure and during if necessary.

We have instigated safe working practices that we can control ensuring that we reduce risk. For example;

  • Briefings will all be socially distanced

  • At refuelling stops, we request that all guests keep their helmets on with visor down where possible during the process.

  • At hotels, all rooms are allocated on a single occupancy basis

  • In restaurants and social establishments, we will follow the local rules and guidance.


All guests will be updated of any changes in our processes as they occur

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