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El Toro

Wednesday 21st – Friday 30th September 2022

10 Days
1567 Miles

1567 miles through France and onto Europe’s only desert and over the Pyrenees. From easy riding minor roads through canyons and deep valleys, the trail crosses the iconic Bardenas Reales desert, dropping down through the Rocha region onto climb the Pyrenees, skirting Andorra before conquering the 2,442m Pic Negre, and dropping down to Barcelona.

El Torro Map.jpg

Day 1

Portsmouth to Rennes - 128 Miles

Meet the team at the Ferry port in Portsmouth for your in preparation for our departure to Cherbourg.

On arrival at Cherbourg, we have a short 120 miles into our first night at Rennes. The riding is all road on main and back roads. 

Day 2

Rennes to Mont de Marsan - 357 Miles

An early start gets us into a long day on the roads through rural France as the head down towards the Pyrenees and our second overnight stop at Mont de Marsan.

Mont de Marsan.jpg
Spain Day 2.jpg

Day 3

Mont de Marsan to Logrono - 199 Miles

Today we head into the Pyrenees and over to the centre of the Roja wine region. We also have a great opportunity to taste our first trails depending on how we are feeling. 

The TET cuts right across our route into the hotel so a 101 mile trail option into the hotel.

Day 4

Logrono to Bardenas - 122 Miles

Today things will hot up as we head into the Bardenas Reales to the south-east of Navarre, the 41,845 hectares unfold that make up this Nature Park, were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the year 2000, and which includes three Nature Reserves. We stop at the visitor centre and take in the amazing vista that is a semi-arid desert right in the middle of northern Spain after which, we track through the desert up to our hotel at an amazing viewpoint and a well-earned beer.

Spain Day 3.jpg
Spain Day 4.jpg

Day 5

Bardenas to Huesca - 145 Miles

Open trails toying with the foothills of the Pyrenees offer a chance to explore the bike in its natural habitat with taking in amazing vistas where eagles fly. The Mallos de Agüero rock formations, popular with mountain climbers and abseilers, rise more than 200 m (660 ft) above the village of Agüero. From here, our route takes us down to the ancient city of Huesca that pre-dates the romans, a place that was once know as Bolskan.

Day 6

Huesca to Ainsa - 105 Miles

Mid way through the adventure we start to move up into the Pyrenees skirting ski slopes and alpine lodges. An easy day gets us into the hotel early offing you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the spa.

Spain Day 5.jpg
Spain Day 6.jpg

Day 7

Ainsa to Llavorsi - 149 Miles

Now we are in the mountains. We take smugglers routes through the mountains over alpine pastures dotted with wild horses and through deserted villages. The weather cools as we climb the passes over heights in excess of 2,000 meters often in cloud and occasionally snow!

Day 8

Llavorsi to La Seu d'Urgell - 104 Miles

Top of the Pyrenees today. The day warms us up nicely with mountain passes and smugglers tracks before we drop down into Andorra for lunch and fortifying coffee before we attack Pic Never, the highest peak in the Pyrenees!

Spain Day 7.jpg
luca-bravo-8x_fFNrmeDk-unsplash (1).jpg

Day 9

La Seu d'Urgell to Barcelona - 154 Miles

The last and longest day on the bike on this adventure as we descend out of the Pyrenees and into the foothills that lie behind our final destination, Barcelona. An easy day on the trails taking in some of the local view points and local sights of Catalonia before we arrive at our endpoint overlooking the city.

Adventure Category
3 stripe.png

Trail adventure, suitable for off road solo riders.

Adventure or Enduro bikes that are comfortable for long road sections.

What's included
  • Return ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg

  • 9 day guided adventure, riding your own motorcycle

  • 9 nights high quality accommodation with a room of your own

A Typical Day
  • Breakfast from 07:30

  • Ride set off at 08:30

  • Lunch/coffee as available

  • Target time to hotel 17:30 (dependent on conditions, stops and breakdowns etc)

  • Boot beer immediately after arrival

  • Briefing 19:45

General Requirements
  • Minimum ability: intermediate level rider

  • Bike should be bigger than a 650 with a tank range of more than 100 miles.

  • You will need your own tool kit

  • You will be carrying your own luggage; ensure your luggage solutions are suitable for sustained off road

  • Require European breakdown and recovery

  • Require European travel insurance covering off road motorcycling


This adventure is both physically and technically challenging. Experience riding trails on a regular basis and general fitness will help you to relax on challenging days.

Off road training will be a benefit. Ideally you should aim to be at intermediate level.

Join us on this adventure

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