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El Matador

Monday 3rd October – Tuesday 11th October 2022

9 Days
1406 Miles

1406 miles following the ACT Pyrenees, a spectacular adventure transiting the Pyrenees Mountain range, from the Mediterranean Sea, to the Atlantic ocean.

Our starting point is Cap de Creus, the easternmost point of mainland Spain and the Iberian Peninsula. The finish is in San Sebastian on the Atlantic coast, after 6 stages and 713 miles of a mix of back roads and 55% trails.

This is an awesome mix of curving roads and gravel trails that will take you over some of the highest passes in the Pyrenees offering infinite landscapes from the tops of mountains to valleys filled with cool forests and rushing alpine waters. You will frequently cross country borders eight times between Spain, France, and Andorra.

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Day 1

Cabo de Creus to Setcases - 128 Miles

The day starts out on the Cabo de Creus viewpoint overlooking the Mediterranean sea before we mount up and take to a curving road section before we get into the hills where about 40% of our ride is off-road. The trail leads us into the mountains close to the border to France offering an easier day to get a feel for the trails and your bike before we hit the peaks tomorrow. We end the day in the beautiful town of Setcases

Day 2

Setcases to La Seu d Urgel - 108

Day 2 gets us straight into the trails and high up into the mountains. The views Open up as we ascent on amazing trails where we will spend most of the day in the high peaks.

The days ride includes around 60 % of off road trails that are relatively open and flowing. As we are in the mountains, hairpins are the theme of the day both on and off road!

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Day 3

La Seu d'Urgell to Salardu - 130 Miles

Today is all about mountain trails, valleys and Andorra.

Our trail into Andorra and out of Andorra are both Smuggler trails that are breath-taking and can be a little more technical due to the washout across the trails and the wild horses. They are frequently driven by 4x4 tours our of Andorra!

The day is around 50/50% of trail to road sections with incredible views and landscapes; definitely one for the memory books!

Day 4

Salardu to Ainsa - 112 Miles

Today the trails start to flatten out a little with fewer large mountains although just as many curves and trails. The views open up as we descend into the lower Pyrenees.

Valley's are filled with rushing streams and huge forests making this a really scenic day.

Spain Day 5.jpg

Day 5

Ainsa to Burgui - 122 Miles

Leaving the splendour of the Spa, we drop out of the Pyrenees as the landscape opens out in front of us offering wide open vistas and easier open trails. The Sierra de Guara region is typified by the incredible sandstone outcrops that are home to eagles. We cross ancient bridges and pass old fortifications left in bygon ereas.

Day 6

Burgui to San Sebastian - 113 Miles

This is the last day following the ACT Pyrenees.

The region is different, more fences, more people, busier roads, and always backcountry. Some challenging off-road sections combined with fast curvy tarmac hidden in the valley and forests of northern Spain and southern France

Today we meet the Atlantic Ocean at San Sebastian with the option of taking the last trails or simply getting in on the roads and having an early beer!

Tomorrow France

San Sebastian.jpg
Libourne 2.jpg

Day 7

San Sebastian to Libourne - 171 Miles

Putting the trails behind us, today we head north into France and port of Libourne.

Day 8

Libourne to Rennes - 278 Miles

Heading back through France, we head up to Renne and our jump off point for our final leg home


Day 9

Renne to Portsmouth - 128

The last blast up to catch the ferry in Cherbourg and on to Portsmouth where we end this Adventure.

Adventure Category
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Trail adventure, suitable for off road solo riders.

What's included
  • Return ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg

  • 9 day guided adventure, riding your own motorcycle

  • 9 nights high quality accommodation with a room of your own

A Typical Day
  • Breakfast from 07:30

  • Ride set off at 08:30

  • Lunch/coffee as available

  • Target time to hotel 17:30 (dependent on conditions, stops and breakdowns etc)

  • Boot beer immediately after arrival

  • Briefing 19:45

General Requirements
  • Minimum ability: intermediate level rider

  • Bike should be bigger than a 650 with a tank range of more than 100 miles.

  • You will need your own tool kit

  • You will be carrying your own luggage; ensure your luggage solutions are suitable for sustained off road

  • Require European breakdown and recovery

  • Require European travel insurance covering off road motorcycling


This adventure is both physically and technically challenging. Experience riding trails on a regular basis and general fitness will help you to relax on challenging days.

Off road training will be a benefit. Ideally you should aim to be at intermediate level.

Join us on this adventure

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