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Rockies Adventure  


Summer 2022

Rockies Adventure


Canada is the worlds second-largest country which offers some of the best wide open roads, breathtaking scenery around the many lakes and mountain passes. Explore the glaciers, waterfalls and dramatic mountain ranges on this adventure planned for the Summer of 2021.


Ride on Canada’s famous roads like the Alcan highway, Klondike highway and Cassiar Highway through the Yukon Peninsular and of course the Canadian Rockies.  Want to see black bears? Well, you probably will whilst on the Cassiar Highway!


Some of the world’s most beautiful places are to be seen on this adventure in Canada, you can visit all of these highlights; Lake Louise, the North Cascades, the Icefield Parkway, Watson Lake, White Pass, Signpost Forest and Jasper.

If you would like more information or would like to book on this tour please contact us.

Route 66 Adventure


''Get Your Kicks on Route 66''​

Route 66.JPG

Route 66

Summer 2022

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